Talk the Talk.
Walk the Walk.

Talk the Talk is an open evening for designers, to share ideas, stories and experiences.
OPA is invited into the studio of De Vormforensen to explore the fine lines of ethical design in your practice.
How do you make decisions in your design studio? Do you have an ethical guideline? An inner compass? Or is the client setting the bar? Do you want to share a case? Everybody is welcome: members, students, artists, even non-designers ;)


March 9th 2023 20:00h

Transformatorplein 6

the evening is free of charge

language: dutch or english (depending on who is joining)

De Vormforensen, Mark Kuiper (Oost), OPA, are happy to meet you at the 9th!

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Transformatorplein 6, Arnhem


Free of charge

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